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Metal, when heated, can be manipulated into many different shapes, forms and textures to create unique works of art.

Other Forging Techniques

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Bamboo Finish Samples

Forged  Bamboo

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Natural Iron: Chemical treatments are applied to achieve an assortment of unique natural - organic finishes, coated lastly with bees wax formula. Some natural finish examples can be seen below.

Powder Coating: This finish technique is commonly applied to exterior metal applications due to its durability.

A large selection of colors and textures are available.

Other Finishes Available: We offer a wide variety of finishes, including antiquing, foil leafing and patinas.

These finishes are applied to both iron and aluminum.

Steely Don's has created an assortment of decorative paint finishes, as shown below.   A sample set is available upon request. These are our standard finishes, however, custom finishes can be created as well.

Custom Finishes

Decorative Paint Finishes - Standard